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Hinge Health helps people with chronic back and knee pain. Our 12 week programmes are based on leading clinical evidence for musculoskeletal care. We are accepting new applications to participate free of charge until September 9th 2016.

Instead of taking time off work to visit the physiotherapist or searching online for advice on your pain, you receive all the care you need to feel better from Hinge Health’s pioneering toolkit.

From our users on the Thomson Reuters pilot:

I’ve completed 4 walks in last 7 days and my knee shows no signs of letting me down. Now looking forward to try some running !
I can already see a big difference in my back pain. Many thanks for all who created this programme!
The improvement in my knee pain over the past 9 weeks is very impressive and I’m optimistic about my knee health.

Our users reduce their pain by more than 50% on average


What you’ll get:

  • a free tablet preloaded with your personal 12 week plan in the Hinge Health app
  • wearable sensors to guide you through exercise therapy in real time
  • access to interactive education, team support, cognitive behavioural therapy, weight loss support and personal coaching 

What’s more, the average participant reduces pain by 40 - 50% at the end of the 12 weeks, and is equipped with the tools to help for years to come.

How it works

Exercise therapy

Our sensor technology guides you through a personalised routine of stretching and strengthening exercises, recommended by experts, in the comfort of your own home. Every activity is logged, every goal documented. You'll be able to appreciate your progress over time, and aim for ever higher goals.

Personal coaching

You will get a dedicated coach to guide you over the 12 weeks. Throughout the programme, your coach will take care of you and monitor your progress in the Hinge Health app.


A multifaceted approach

Unlike others, we strongly believe that we cannot use a single approach for everyone. Research shows that a wide range of approaches to tackling chronic pain can be effective - so we provide the full toolkit. From cognitive behavioural therapy, to interactive lessons, to team support, Hinge Health’s programmes equip you with the best tools for the job of getting you back to your best.

Applications close on 9th September.