How does it work?

Over the next week your team has the opportunity to raise up to $250 for charity, simply by getting active. For every 500 exercise points the team scores, Hinge Health will donate $10 to your chosen charity.

However, while you're all working to achieve the highest combined total possible, the team will be split into two clans. You'll not only be contributing to the total donation pot, but you'll competing with your clan to rack up the biggest donation. 

Your coach will keep you updated on a roughly daily basis with the clans' point totals and how much money is in the bag.

Which charity does the money go to?

The team has two charities to choose from:

Adam's CampThis charity provides camps for children with special needs, helping them explore the great outdoors, including skiing trips!

Epic Promise: This organization, founded by Vail Resorts, brings together mountains, communities, and employees with the goal of igniting a passion for the outdoors, conserving the natural environment, and pursuing a sustainable future.

You can cast your vote on the team feed in the app, so don't miss your chance to have your voice heard!