How does it work?

Over the next two weeks your team has the opportunity to raise up to £150 for charity, simply by getting active. For every 80 exercise points the team scores, Hinge Health will donate £1 to your chosen charity. Each member of the team can contribute up to their weekly exercise points goal, so if you have a weekly target of 600 points, you are able to contribute £7.5 in a given week, or £15 over the course of the challenge.

However, while you're all working to achieve the highest combined total possible, the team will be split into two clans. These clans will compete for the title of 'The Most Generous Backs' - the winning clan being the one that generates the biggest point score.

Your coach will keep you updated on a roughly daily basis with the clans' point totals and how much money is in the bag.

Remember, with every 80 points the team scores, it's an extra £1; so every little helps.

What charity does the money go to?

The team has two charities to choose from:

Arthritis Research UKArthritis Research UK invests in breakthrough treatments, the best information and vital support for everyone affected by arthritis. Their mission is very close to our own, to develop new ways to deliver care to those with chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

The Childhood TrustThis is a great charity that supports vulnerable children living in poverty in the UK. The Childhood Trust provides practical support, so that underprivileged can get the most from school, emotional support, and opportunities to try new experiences and develop new skills.