Resources for employers on musculoskeletal disorders in the workforce, digital health, employee engagement, etc. Drawing on research with our employer book-of-business covering 100k+ member lives.

Are musculoskeletal disorders an overlooked
opportunity in your workplace health strategy? 

This whitepaper is based on extensive research in the clinical literature, and claims data from our employer clients. Learn about the main cost-drivers in musculoskeletal health, the underlying reasons for the large amount of wasted spend, and the various emerging solutions. 

The opioid epidemic: a failure to care for musculoskeletal pain

There is no denying the runaway opioid epidemic in our country. While there are many reasons for the increasing use
and abuse of these drugs, there is a clear link between opioids and musculoskeletal health. The majority of opioids are prescribed for chronic pain, and the majority of chronic pain is due to musculoskeletal disorders. Learn more about this link, and how you can address opioid use amongst your health plan members at the root. 

Creating lasting behavior change: the interplay of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation

Effective, lasting engagement and behavior change is at the core of any successful approach to managing the health
(and healthcare costs) of a population. Learn about how and when to tap into different drivers of motivation for your health plan members. Based on the clinical literature, and research with hundreds of participants in Hinge Health’s program for chronic musculoskeletal disorder. 

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